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When I first started getting into photography I had no idea how much of my life would be devoted to learning more about this craft. I will never know it all. I’ll be in the nursing home with a camera strapped to my walker reading up on the latest improvements in photography and editing. Hopefully, Jodi Friedman of MCP Actions will still be supplying me with this kind of information.  Countless hours go to editing photo sessions and Jodi just keeps making it easier and easier.  Autoloader is a new program that could shave hours off of my editing time!   I’m so glad she featured it in her blog!

Jodi also puts together some AMAZING actions.  They have literally become part of my daily workflow when editing.  I love her “Eye Doctor” action to sharpen eyes and her “Touch of Lightness” and “Touch of Darkness”.  If you are a photographer and need a quick something to punch up your photos check out her actions here (be sure to click on “Try Me” to download her free actions.  Thanks to Jodi for sharing so much valuable information!

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Thought some of you might enjoy a video that a friend and fellow photog sent out today.  Jason Morrison, otherwise know to me as “Dubtastic” posted this video he created today to Facebook.  Jason is a fantastic photographer and all around great guy.  He has been active in photography for about 5 years, mixing in his background and professional experience as a graphic designer.  His post production skills are I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E.  I was lucky to meet Jason at a South Atlanta Flickr meeting at Nash Farm Battlefield earlier this year.  The video and shoot was all done in and around Studio 42 in Locust Grove, Georgia.  I can’t recommend this studio enough.  I was out there last weekend for a shoot and had a great experience. I love having a studio that you can shoot in and then walk outside to some other interesting locations!  Enjoy the movie!  

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