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Hey everyone-  I wanted to introduce you to Dwight Raby, a local Atlanta musician that is on the rise.  He has a new CD coming out literally any minute now.  I just heard the first single and it is amazing!  We had a couple of sessions together (one location shoot and one studio shoot) and I wanted to show you a few of my favorites.  Enjoy!

The first one is my absolute favorite…

And one more for fun…

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Over the last several months I’ve been seeing incredible pictures from Sloss Furnace in Birmingham, Alabama.  I really wanted to find a good excuse to get there and capture some of my own images.  In 1881 and 1882, North Alabama planter and investor James Withers Sloss built the furnaces which became known as the “City Furnaces.” Extensively rebuilt and modernized in the late 1920s, the current steel-jacketed furnaces employed an estimated 500 workers and produced 400 tons of pig iron daily. Sloss-Sheffield Steel and Iron Company and U. S. Pipe operated these furnaces, maintaining their position as a leading foundry iron producer until 1971.  In the early 1980’s Sloss was established as a national historic landmark.  It truly is one of the most amazing places I’ve been to recently. 

Two things that I feel can connect people from entirely different walks of like is music and photography.  There is nothing like looking over a crowd at a live show and seeing all ages, types, shapes, sizes, and color of people…. and seeing a beaming smile on everyone’s faces as they dance to their favorite tunes sung by their favorite band.  One of our favorite groups played at Sloss Furnace this past weekend.  They are a rapidly rising bluegrass/punk (?) bank out of Concord, NC and are sure to be in everyone’s iPod soon…..Here are a few pics from the show and Sloss Furnace!

**UPDATE** Yeah!  Someone from The Hampton Inn has contacted me wanting to use some of these photos in their signage for a new hotel opening soon in Birmingham, AL!  I’ll keep you posted…..




















I wonder which brother is better

Which one our parents love the most

I sure did get in lots of trouble

They seemed to let the other go


Make sure my sister knows I loved her

My sure my parents know the same

Always remember there is nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name

-The Avett Brothers                                                                                                                                

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I honestly consider our meeting Matt and Kelly several months ago some sort of cosmic connection…..we’re having so much fun getting to know them and are having a great time tagging along to photograph the concerts Matt is reviewing for Hidden Track.  I went to see my first performance of Keller Williams at the Variety Playhouse this past Saturday night to take some shots to accompany Matt’s article.  Keller was incredible…….there are few things that actually make me remove myself from the camera while shooting and stop to say, “Wow”…….I did this several times throughout the evening.  I’ve never heard anyone wear out a guitar so beautifully in my life.  I highly suggest checking him out the next time he has a show near you!  Enjoy a few pictures from the show below and read Matt’s review in Hidden Track  here.









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