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I’m going to keep this post pretty simple.  I almost stole me a baby at the end of this session…..can you blame me???


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You may remember Scott and Amber from a previous engagement session here on the blog a while back.  A photographer truly can’t be more blessed to have such a gorgeous couple as clients……. and they couldn’t BE more charming.  I know, I know…..good looks and good personality????

I met with Amber a few weeks ago during some of the last weeks of her first pregnancy and glowing is a complete understatement.  She was no less than a beam of light!  Just earlier today I was able to lay eyes on their precious pink little bundle for the first time….she is exactly one week old today.  Best of luck to the new family.  Here are a few photos from our maternity session:

The following shots were all Amber’s idea…..she wanted some pics of her with her favorite pregnancy cravings…..I love it!

Give that sweet little bundle a kiss for me guys!

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Could this kid BE ANY CUTER???  Yesterday I went to take some pictures of my friend’s 6 month old boy Cade.  He was an absolute trooper through the entire session.  I’ve just started editing, but wanted to send you a sneak peek!  More to come soon!








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This kid is allllllll boy.  Meet sweet Bryce!  We had a visit to the Freedom Park here in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago and had a blast.  His mother brought all his toys, but the thing he loved the most was the work crew and trucks we saw in Freedom Park.  He was mesmerized! 

Bryce was so fun to shoot.  While I was sitting in the grass to shoot he would just run over to me and give me hugs (just make me want to melt)!  Shoot….hug…..shoot….hug…….not bad for a day’s work.  : )  Enjoy the pictures below of Bryce.











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Anything is possible…..perhaps even her own mascara commercials one day!  This little cutie was so much fun to work with and she was absolutely in love with Rob.  Whenever we couldn’t get her to smile we just put Rob in front of her and she just lit up.  It was hysterical!  Sorry it has been so long since I have updated the blog.  I’ve been so busy getting new jobs lined up, editing previous shoots, burning discs for clients, etc. that I’ve fallen behind on the blog.  Good news is I have lots of new images to post, so stay tuned!  





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This Sunday we went to meet a family just south of Atlanta and had a ball.  What a fabulous (and gorgeous) family.  Birds were chirping, the sun was shining, and the camera was clicking!  Thanks so much for a wonderful day guys!  We can’t wait to get together again!  Here are a few sneak peeks from our session…






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