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Hey everyone- Things have been busy around here!  I’m trying to decide on a new logo (to be revealed soon) and am learning the conversion from PC to Mac…..I just recently purchased a MacBook Pro.  I’ve decided to name her Gwenyth (hey…..if Gwenyth Paltrow can name her daughter Apple I can name my Apple Gwenyth, right?).  Gwenyth and I have been hanging out a lot together lately.  

Anywho….we had a great time last weekend at Bonnie and Jan’s house.  Jan is working on creating some metal sculptures and wanted some pictures for his website, so we played camera last Sunday.  It was great hanging out with Bonnie, Jan, and their son Will.  They are such a fun and creative family.  Bonnie and Jan launched Zenith Design Group together over 10 years ago and have been incredibly successful with their full service marketing company.  Enjoy the pics of Jan’s art and of him hamming it up for the camera.  He is so easy to photograph…….I love it when people are creative and will tell you what they really want out of their images.  It really takes the pressure off of me and ensures that they get what they REALLY want!









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