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Hello world!

Wow- My first blog……The pressure to be creative is overwhleming!!!! I guess I should start with some history of how I came to the place in my life where I wanted to start a photography blog. I have always loved taking pictures. I’m the annoying person at a party that is chasing everyone around with the blinding flash. My mother is always yelling, “Megan, go grab your camera” at our family reunions even though hers is sitting right next to her on the coffee table.

A while ago I bought my first Digital SLR camera. I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. My husband, Rob, is actually a little jealous of the camera….

At our best friend’s wedding the bride, Renee, asked if I would take pictures of her while she was putting on her dress. Her photographer was one of her husband’s best friends and she didn’t really want to be halfway undressed in front of him (sorry Dean). Dean handed over his Canon SLR, gave me a 30 second “lesson”, and I went to work taking pictures of Renee. I was hooked. I HAD to have this camera!!! Shortly after we returned from out honeymoon and had caught up with our expenses I had a Canon SLR on the way!

After purchasing my camera I took classes and began working on improving my images. Over time, I have learned (and continue to learn) an incredible amount about technique, editing, and workflow. I’ve learned that practice makes perfect and that every single time I shoot I learn something new. Several friends have been shameslessly harassed to “model” for me and have been dragged to group shoots. Wow….payback could be rough! Be gentle!

Next to meeting Rob (hi sweetie) photography is the best thing that has hapenned to me in a long time. I finally feel like I have found my passion. My thirst for knowledge is ENDLESS when it come to photography! While the shoots and editing is hard work, I love EVERY minute of it!

I’d like to wrap up by thanking all of the wonderful people in my life that have been supporting this endeavour. Thanks to my family, husband, Renee & Andy, Dean & Merry, Andy “Strattonooga”, Cassandra, Parker J, Bonnie & Jan, Deb, Lynn & Eric, Matt & Kelly and everyone else I may have forgotten. Everyone has been so encouraging and incredible…it makes me feel loved and all of you even more than I thought possible.

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