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The more I get to know this group…..the more I adore this group.  Talk about a wealth of information, great variety of members, and an incredibly talented group of people.  Their willingness to share information instead of hoarding it for their own benefit is probably my favorite attribute.  If any of you out there are aspiring photographers this is a fantastic group to join.  You can find them on Flickr at . This group meets every other Tuesday at Elliott Street Pub near The Dome in Atlanta.  The organizer, Marc Turnley, hires models wanting to build their portfolios and photographers come from all over Atlanta to practice their craft.  After each shoot we all upload our pictures on Flickr (a photo sharing service through Yahoo) and the photographer’s vote on their favorite shot.  I couldn’t have been more excited when I won “shot of the week” after my first meeting……I was literally on top of the world!  To have other photographers actually vote for my photo over some of the talented photographer’s in the room really meant an incredible amount.   On another exciting note……I won the  Atlanta Photography Guild’s “Shot of the Week” for the second time in a row!  I know!  What????? The first picture is the winner from last week and the rest are from our shoot on 2.10.09.  Enjoy!  


tallulah   img_8812 img_8800   img_8775-edit   img_8768-edit

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